Welcome to Purrnelope's Country Club

Purrnelope has built a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that grant you membership to her Country Club, access to Club benefits, and a chance to shape the Club's future. All are welcome, join today!

All 10,000 Cats are sold!
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What are Cats

Purrnelope built her Country Club on the idea of building a club with a strong community feel.

Somewhere Cats can get together over a glass of something and shoot the breeze.

Somewhere Cats can discuss and debate how to help our planet and really do some good.

Somewhere where every Cat is special, and everyone is welcome.

Purchasing a Cat gets you membership to this special Country Club, and helps unlock membership benefits as detailed in our roadmap.

Welcome to Purrnelope's Country Club

What Sets Us Apart?

It’s a meme, but for once it is true. Community. Our goal really is to focus on building our community and using the initial sale to fully fund that. Our roadmap is carefully constructed to yield very little, if any profit, everything gets put back in some way or another. Money will be taken from the project to pay very modest salaries and tax, everything else will be put back into the community and project.

Your profile picture linked to an active twitter or discord account is one of your most valuable pieces of online real estate. People change these to new projects all the time, for free. We believe you should be paid for advertising our project. If we reach 60% of sell out, then 5% of the sale will be distributed to confirmed cat owners with twitter and/or discord profile pictures. We will announce more on how this will be managed after the sale.

NFTs have come under the microscope lately with regards to their impact on the environment. A lot of the conversation is wildly inaccurate and overly negative on NFTs while not taking into account simple things like the impact of shipping traditional art across the world. However, the sentiment is completely on point. With the world as it is, we must help in the fight for our planet. At 40% sell out we will send this whole project Carbon Negative with an onchain donation to ensure we do our part.

At 70% of a sellout, 5% of all of the funds taken will be donated (hopefully on chain where possible) to charity. The charity of choice will be selected from a shortlist by cat hodlers with a one cat = one vote mechanism. The short list of charities will be put forward by the community.


  • 0% - Discord Boosted to include all nitro extras

  • 10% - Twitter Competition activated

    One lucky winner will win an NFT valued over 1 ETH.

  • 20% - Displate Competition activated

    10 lucky winners will receive a branded Displate from us. The Twitter competition jumps in size by 5, there will now be 5 winners of various NFTs.

  • 30% - Carbon Negative

    The project as a whole will go carbon negative, meaning in a way, it could be claimed, that this project helped the environment. The Twitter competition jumps in size by 10 from the original, there will now be 10 of a variety of NFTs.

  • 40% - Merch activated

    We will begin work on merch for our community!

  • 50% - Huge Community Wallet

    If we hit this milestone, 100 ETH and 25% of the rest of the sale goes into this Community Wallet. If we sell out we will be looking at 200 ETH.

  • 60% - Profile Picture Advertisement

    You will be paid to have your discord and Twitter profile as your profile picture, no more advertising for free, these funds will come from the sale not the Community Wallet at first.

  • 70% - Charity Donation activated

    5% of the sale will go to a Charity. The Community will vote on the final Charity that will get these funds.

  • 80% - Community Buy Back

    5% of the sale funds will be pledged to buy the floor. These will then be used for the next Roadmap item.

  • 90% - Liquidity Pool

    The Cats we have bought in the 80% target on the roadmap will then be used along with a substantial amount of ETH to fund an NFT20 liquidity pool.

  • 100% - A short anime video will be produced

    Our resident Artist is well versed in animation and if we completely sell out will produce an animated video including cats from the community. The community will vote on the cats and which of the proposed story lines they like. This will take time, but we are looking forward to it!

The Team


Keeps the catnip rolling in

Notorious C.A.T. (Jamie)

Serious cat for serious business

Papa Cat (Peter)

Community first, at your service


Artist Cat, drawing and animating