Claim Physical PCC Model Cat

Purrs - your unique physical model cat is ready to be claimed!

Simply burn 5 x #3 Model Cat NFT’s (the third PCC airdrop) using the button below and send us the transaction link via a #front-desk-support Discord ticket to confirm. Please select the “model cat” ticket option so we can process your order efficiently.

Remember to include the #ID of your chosen cat in the message, and tell us if you would like your .pcc.eth domain featured on the base.

Don’t have enough #3 Model Cat NFT’s to claim a physical? You can buy more on secondary here:

Once claimed, you will receive a code to redeem a 100% free model (incl shipping).

There is a choice of 3 body types for your model cat: Astro, Golf, GM. Your cat’s unique head will be placed on the chosen body and hand-painted for a quality finish.

Remember: burned NFT’s will be permanently removed from the supply. You (or anybody else) will not be able to use them to claim a fraction of the KittyVault once burned.

If you have any questions please do come to our discord and we'll do our best to answer them!